What’s big, red, and makes tasty pizza?

Final tally, 12 pizzas cooked to perfection and 1 fumble. The crowd pleasers were a pesto, goat cheese, and prosciutto pizza, and a provolone, olive, artichoke heart, and roasted pepper pizza.

I poured the perlite insulation into the top of the oven housing today. The builder-grade perlite really flows like water. It didn’t stop running out of the tiny joints in my hardibacker panels, so I sealed them up with duct tape! When I’m ready to stucco, I’ll have to either just stucco over the tape, or pull the tape and slap some mortar on there in a jiffy.

The first pizza was just sauce and cheese (and crust). It cooked in about 3 minutes, with a dome temperature of 750F and heart at 550F. I’m sure there’s still a little water in the structure, especially in the bottom layer of insulation, as we’ve had a lot of rain lately, and the enclosure is not weatherproof. A nice wide roof will help a bunch. When the cooking was finished, I could feel the warm, moist air coming up out of the loose perlite.

Here’s some pictures of the pizzas, a Four-Cheese, a Sausage-Onion, and a Pepperoni.

Here’s my cooking area. I haven’t completely traded the trowel for a peel yet. There’s still work to be done!
me cooking


One response to “What’s big, red, and makes tasty pizza?

  1. The good news is, when you fumble a pizza, just rake the coals over the mess, wait a minute, brush it off, and it’s clean again!

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