No bricks were harmed in the firing of this oven.

However, some hairline cracks appeared in the mortar on the outside of the dome.  There are several, and they form a more-or-less continuous network over the entire dome.  I understand it’s to be expected.  As long as great big chunks of masonry don’t fall into my food, I’ll sleep pretty well at night.

I took down the lath and perlcrete that I had put up over the chimney, because frankly, it looked terrible.  It was sagging, out of square, and lopsided.  I built a steel frame for the chimney facade, which I will attach hardibacker to, then stucco.

I’m starting to get away from my drawing design just a bit, either to save time or to make a better structure.   I don’t want to take any chances on water getting in, so after getting the chimney up, the next task will be to put a shed roof on.  Nothing fancy, just plywood and shingles.  Then, a little stucco around the top, limestone around the bottom, a hunk of granite for a countertop, and we’ll be all set.oven-framed


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