It’s an oven.

Thanks to the mild Texas winter, the dome is complete.

Back on January 4, I got started building the first few rings of the dome. I used a quarter-circle form to set the 21 inch radius of the dome, and another form to set the entry arch.


Here’s another view of the rings.


Then, on January 30, I worked on the dome some more. I built the entry arch after the first few rings were laid. It was little tricky joining the walls of the dome to the arch, but hopefully this will do.


You can see the plywood form that was used to keep the proper shape.


It was still self-supporting at this stage, although some of the bricks slipped a little after they were placed. I later knocked these out and relaid them.


It was at this stage that I broke down and made some styrofoam centering for the final three or four rings. I put a 5 gallon bucket inside the oven, put a circular piece of plywood on top, and laid out an array of styrofoam fins to support the bricks. Unfortunately, I didn’t take a picture of the form. It was disassembled immediately after laying the bricks, so that I could get inside and check the mortar joints.

Here is the finished product. It might look a little rough, but it should cook a fine pizza.


Here’s what it would look like if you were inside, getting baked.



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