Mud and Herringbone.

It was fun mixing up the fireclay and sand.  It made a very gloopy and satisfying mud.

Hearth bricks went down today, and I cut many more bricks into thirds for the dome.

Not sure when I’m going to get the dome laid up.  Forecast is for lows near freezing for the next few nights.

I think my little Harbor Freight tile saw blade is wearing out already.  I am cutting the bricks halfway down, and using a brick hammer to finish the split.  That leaves me with two pieces with a factory face, and one piece with two split faces.  The split faces will go into the front of the dome, facing inward, so as not to be seen.  Hopefully the rough face will not be prone to spalling.

I paid an extra $5 for the two year replacement warranty on the saw.  When I bought it, I asked if I could return it because of a dull blade.  The guy said, “Just put the saw back in the box, and exchange for a new one.  No questions asked.  ”  Sheesh.   I think I’ll spend the money ona better blade instead.

Pictures to follow.


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