Still standing!

I took out the forms and centering, and it’s still holding together! Here’s what the aggregate looks like. Seems to be mostly crushed limestone, but some pieces are certainly rounder than others. Quickcrete Aggregate

I’ve got the work area set up for cutting bricks. The hearth will be laid as stretchers in herringbone pattern, and the dome bricks will be cut into thirds. So, the floor will be about 2.25 inches thick, and the walls will be about 3 inches. Forms off

I also picked up four bags of Heat Stop 50 today, and took my daughter to the zoo to make up for the long trip in the car.Birdhead


2 responses to “Still standing!

  1. The aggfregate certainly looks better than at first glance…

    Would you believe it: this morning around seven I was out in the orchard and had to chase off a pair of King Parrots looking very much like the one on your daughter’s head! They were getting stuck into the still green Nashi and Williams pears – I put almost 50 Chinese paper bags around most of the fruit but the birds will still try anything…


  2. It would be exciting to look out the window and see a bird like that, although I’m sure it gets to be a nuisance if you’re trying to raise pears!

    I have trouble raising tomatoes, since the little girl in the picture likes to pick them while they’re still green.

    Greetings to you in Australia. My wife visited with her parents when she was small, and liked it very much, but noticed a strange affinity for canned spaghetti among the population there.

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