Pour concrete with a buddy.

If you have a helper when you pour your hearth slab, you won’t wait too long to float the surface, and you won’t have unsightly aggregate exposed like I do. Mixing one bag at a time in a puny electric mixer then shoveling or dumping buckets up into the form took me about an hour. By that time, I was unable to do an effective job of working the aggregate into the surface. I was using a scrap piece of 2×4 lumber, about a foot long.

I tried to keep the mix from getting too soupy, so maybe that helped the quickrete set up a little more quickly.

I have several leftover bags of concrete mix. I might try my hand at some countertops, but will practice with a single bag first, to get a little more familiar with the process.

I wrote that the hearth slab will not be seen by anyone, but I’m showing you mine anyway. Hearth Slab Surface


2 responses to “Pour concrete with a buddy.

  1. It probably won’t matter, structurally, for a small slab like this, but you seem to be usinng nice round river pebbles!

    For your next projects, get advice on the aggregate side, IMHO you need clean sharp-edged stuff (crushed rocks) for the cement-sand-lime mix to adhere well…



  2. Not quite as round as river pebbles, but some are close. Since this is sack mix, it’s just the luck of the draw! Not ideal, but likely adequate.

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