Some assembly required.

The guy at the brickyard says they hardly ever sell the red firebrick. I wonder why? I never really cared for the yellow “buff” color. Perhaps it’s because wall bricks are often red, and it’s easier for the guys at the worksite to tell the difference?


I loaded 140 bricks into the minivan. I also picked up some fireclay. $4.50 for a 10 pound bag. I bought three.

I got them to throw in a wood pallet to set the bricks on. It will be kindling for the curing fires.

Tomorrow it’s off to the grow-shop to get some perlite for the insulating layers.


One response to “Some assembly required.

  1. Looking good keep us posted on your progress. Love the comment about screeding 4 inches of cocntrete and 8 inch forms. I might have to add that to the instruction sheet!

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